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Global Drilling Tools Market is expected to gain a positive CAGR in the forthcoming period. Drill tools are those fitted with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment, mainly a drill bit or driver bit used for boring holes in several materials or fastening various materials together. Commercially, there are many types of drills, some are electric powered, and some are manual powered whereas some are compress powered. Drill with a percussive action is normally used in hard materials such as masonry or rock. Drilling rigs are used to bore holes in the earth to acquire water or oil.

Driving factors responsible for the growth of drilling tools market include growth in oil, exploration and production activities, growth in concern towards energy conservation, increased efficiency and availability of suppliers add to the growth of drilling tools industry. Additionally, rising development of bio-fuel, solar and wind technology which also acts as an alternative to oil and gas hinders the market growth of drilling tools market. Other factors such as shift towards renewable energy development and bio-fuel ads to the degradation of drilling tools market.

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Based on segmentation by type, the drilling tools industry includes bails, adapters, grills, switchers, drill collars, stabilizers, subassemblies, core drilling tools, reamers, air swivels, drill pipe and other drilling accessories. Geographically, drilling tools market spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa. APAC market is expected to gain a positive traction in the forthcoming years owing to rise in manufacture of drilling tools and other activities add to the growth of APAC market.

North America and Europe is likely to gain a positive traction in the forthcoming period due to rise in construction activities and growth in shale gas exploration. MEA regions are also expected to gain a positive traction in the forthcoming period owing to raise in shale gas exploration activities.

The key players in the drilling tools market include America Oilfield Tools, Bilco Tools, Challenger Downhole Tools, Logan International, Magnum Oil Tools, Oil Tools International Services, Tasman, Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment, Wenzel Downhole Tools, Western Drilling Tools, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, Cougar Drilling Solutions, Stabiltec Downhole Tools, Olympus Corporation, Gearcon Drilling Tools and Kennametal.

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