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Global Pentadecanedioic Acid Market is segmented, By Product Type into High Purity Grade, Technical Grade, and Low Purity Grade. Pentadecanoic acid is a saturated fatty acid with molecular formula CH3(CH2)13COOH. Being rare in nature it is found in the milk fat from cows. The butterfat in cow’s milk is its major dietary source and is used as a marker for butterfat consumption.

Thus, Pentadecanoicacid also occurs in hydrogenated mutton fat and it may decrease mother-to-child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding.Saturated fatty acid is abiomarker for dietary milk intake. It can be labeled as a biomarker for myocardial fatty acid metabolism in ischemia/reperfusion studies andisorally active in the Pentadecanoic Acid Market.

Pentadecanoic acid finds application as a biomarker to examine the intake of milk fat in relation to its metabolic risk factors. Pentadecanoic acid that is also produced by certain plant species and acts as a toxic essential oil, which is known to exhibits potential anxiolytic, antinociceptive and antimicrobial properties.Pentacyclic acid is a saturated fatty acid with a 15-carbon backbone. Pentacyclic acid is not normally synthesized by animals, but is found in trace amounts in dairy products.

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Pentadecanoic acid is a 15:0 saturated fatty acid found in esterified form in the lipids of many bacterial species and in the milk fat of ruminants. It has been used as a biological marker for the intake of dairy fat in the assessment of metabolic risk factors.Pentadecanoic Acid Market is segmented, By Geographical Region into North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India. APAC regions dominate the market owing to rise in milk production. North America and Europe anticipated in significant market growth in the predicted period.

The key market players in the pentadecanedioic acid market include Sigma Aldrich, Arkema, Bruno Bock, Merck, Sasaki Chemical, Daicel, Ever Flourish Chemical, Swan Chemical, Ruchang Mining, QingDao LntandHiMedia Laboratories.

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